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First Submission coming soon...

2010-01-18 14:36:58 by Ingrosch

Hello everybody (as if anyone would read my first news post...),

so a friend of mine is going to celebrate her birthday and I was in desperate need of a present for her.
Since she is the kind of person who is hard to shop for I resorted to make something creative for her. She's good at art and made some paintings for me in the past. I came up with the idea of recording some songs played on piano for her, because music is the type of art/creative work I can handle... at least a bit, I guess.

So. Well. I recorded some of our favourite songs (which I am capable to play) and realized that a CD consisting of those still would lack the personal touch. And thus I wrote two songs myself.
Which I will upload on NG soon.
(probably after some futile attempts to make them sound better than they are...)

Ah... yes, that's the story behind this news post, amazing, isn't it?

So, first real submission coming soon, just to get the songs under license before anybody is able to steal them from me. And maybe to get some feedback.

( I resist the sudden urge to end this post with "hugs and kisses". Seriously, what the hell? )

Ah well, greets and see ya.